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Queen Creek Sun Times

We offer our patients StarAlignersPro™ as an effective solution to mild to moderate aligner treatment. It’s a better alternative to Invisalign (which I use for more intensive changes), especially for mild crowding or slight relapse cases where only movement of front teeth is needed.

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Orthodontic Products



StarAlignersPro™ helps orthodontists treat minor to moderate aligner cases. These patients would have previously had orthodontic treatment, but their teeth may have shifted.

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Markets Insider



StarAlignersPro™, created by a 30-year orthodontic professional and four renowned orthodontic board members, launches a top-notch solution to treat mild to moderate cases.

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Dentistry Today



StarAlignersPro™ aligners are made of Zendura™ FLX, proven to be the clearest aligner material, and have a higher sustained force for predictable tooth movement.

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Orthodontist looking at patient's teeth

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StarAlignersPro December 14, 2021